New Year's Resolution: Park it Daily


Getting back into the groove of everyday life (and your pants) can get a little tough after the holidays. Phil Hardberger Park’s trails offer an easy, free alternative to joining a gym.

A simple 30 minute brisk walk can burn up to 360 calories–that’s the same amount of calories in three sodas.  This year San Antonians should make an effort to spice up their residential runs through the concrete jungle by getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful, preserved scenery at this park.

The trails are the ideal training ground for 5k runners or high school cross country teams because they simulate the length and environment of those events.

Hardberger Park is also a prime spot for cyclists. Embrace the open trails without having to worry about crazy drivers or potholes. Biking for 30 minutes can burn up to 765 calories, which is about the same amount of calories in a slice of chocolate cake or a burger. The Howard W. Peak Greenway System connects to the park, and with a total of 35 miles of trails it can add length to your biking route. The accessibility of the Salado Creek Greenway portion gives long-distance runners and cyclists a long stretch of trail that currently extends from the Park to Huebner.

Hardberger Park is safe, family and animal friendly, and a great location to enjoy the outdoors.  All ages and levels of athletes can find a suitable challenge here. Mothers can get in an uninterrupted early morning stroller workout, senior citizens can enjoy a safe area for brisk walking, parents can take their children to the playground and runners and cyclists have a natural area for exercise and adventure. Whatever your interest may be, Hardberger Park is the perfect spot for you to get fit this year. For runners, cyclists, and exercise enthusiasts alike, there is no ”off-season,“ so get into the action waiting for you here.