“With Phil Hardberger Park, we are creating a park not just for ourselves and our children, but for the centuries”.
— Phil Hardberger, President PHP Conservancy

During his tenure as mayor of San Antonio, Phil Hardberger championed parks as essential to the soul of any city and an important piece of San Antonio’s South Texas natural heritage. With unprecedented vision and leadership, he created a legacy.

Mayor Hardberger saw a prime opportunity for a major park in the Voelcker Ranch, one of the few remaining undeveloped parcels in San Antonio. The 311-acre purchase (which has now grown to 330 acres) allowed the city to establish an oasis in a densely developed area surrounded by subdivisions, freeways and shopping centers.

A design team was chosen to develop the park through an international design competition. The team of Stephen Stimson Associates and D.I.R.T. studio oversaw the development of a master plan to build a park of the highest quality that is sensitive to the needs of San Antonio.

The design team held public meetings to encourage citizen involvement throughout the Phil Hardberger Park master plan process. Citizens had the opportunity to not only share their vision of Phil Hardberger Park, but engage in a participatory democracy.

The city adopted the master plan in 2008, which meets the needs of a modern San Antonio but treads lightly on the existing landscape. Most importantly, Phil Hardberger Park improved the quality of life for future generations. 

Today, the master plan continues to guide the PHP Conservancy in the development of the park, and San Antonio residents and visitors experience Phil Hardberger Park as a sustainable model of cultivated wild and urban ecology.