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Hardy’s Nature Guide

Wendy Drezek, of the Sierra Club, has been teaching nature to children for many years. She has collaborated with other naturalists to create the Hardy’s Nature Guide.

Hardy Children’s Guides for Families & Educators

  • Hardy Headlines: Natural Areas and Creekways

  • Hardy Headlines Concepts of Ecology

  • Hardy Headlines Talking Points

  • Hardy’s Nature Guide Slideshow

  • Hardy’s Nature Guide for 4th-6th Grades

  • Hardy’s Nature Guide for K-3

  • Hardy’s Nature Guide for Preschool

  • Hardy’s Nature Guide Questions & Answers

  • Hardy’s Pictures to Color

  • TEKS & Teaching for Teachers

Visit the Alamo Area Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists website to download the guides.

The Master Naturalist’s Resource Guide to Phil Hardberger Park

The Resource Guide is a useful tool for identifying the plants and wildlife seen in Hardberger Park. It also tells the history of the land and how it has been transformed from a dairy farm to an urban wilderness.

The production of the guide is a joint project of the Alamo Area Master Naturalist Leadership Team for the Fourth Saturday Events in the park, the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, and the Alamo Group of the Sierra Club.

The link below will take you to the Alamo Area Master Naturalist site.  There you will find a Table of Contents with more than 25 articles, heavily illustrated, covering the plants and wildlife of Phil Hardberger Park.

The content, both text and pictures, illustrate what you are likely to see and why as you enjoy our Urban Wild.  But the articles go beyond that to explain the Archaeology, Geology, History, and Ecology of this very special place.