NuStar ‘Superstars’ Adopt Hardberger Park

NuStar Energy has adopted Phil Hardberger Park and the adjacent Salado Creek Greenway as part of the City of San Antonio’s Adopt-a-Park program.

For their first project, twenty NuStar volunteers, known as “NuStar Superstars,” planted and mulched trees, plants and flowers at the Blanco Road entrance to the park.

“We had about twice as many volunteers show up as anticipated,” said Tappan Shah, a member of NuStar’s Volunteer Committee. “It’s not hard to convince people to bring their families outdoors on a Saturday morning to beautify our city. I think this is going to become one of our most popular volunteer programs.”

The Adopt-a-Park program is an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to help keep San Antonio parks in good condition. The purpose is to expand sustainable resources in a time of scarce resources through community partnerships. NuStar’s Volunteer Committee identified Hardberger Park after consultation with COSA Parks and Recreation staff.

“We were blown away,” said Shu Ping Hwan. “They have the entire year planned out for us. This is the first of many monthly projects we’ll take on.”

NuStar volunteers will also help with the May 21 grand opening of Phase II of Hardberger Park, which includes trails, playground, basketball courts, multi-purpose sports fields, BBQ grills, dog park and parking accessible from NW Military across from the Alon Town Center.

For those keeping track of the restoration of the native landscape at Hardberger Park, here’s a list of what the NuStar group planted Saturday, provided by COSA Parks and Rec’s Gail Gallegos:

100 Lantana
100 Rock Rose
100 Zexmenia
20 Mountain Laurel Trees
20 Eve Necklace Trees
9 Texas Redbud Trees
6 Mexican Buckeye Trees

“All the trees were understory trees and they all bloom,” said Gallegos. “Look for them as you enter and exit the park from Blanco Road.”