To advocate renewal, recreation, and learning through nature in an urban setting for all in accordance with the Master Plan for Phil Hardberger Park.


The Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy is a community-based organization of committed individuals whose concern is for excellence in the development of the park. The Conservancy is committed to creating a 311-acre natural area park for the use of our community, complete with a nature center, dog parks, play areas and walking, hiking and biking trails.

Value Statements

  • The PHPC will ensure all park development will be in accordance with the Master Plan and that all PHPC efforts will have a positive impact on the park.
  • The PHPC will advocate for and enhance an accessible and sustainable natural landscape for generations.
  • Through collaboration, the PHPC will seek to educate the public about the value and importance of our natural environment.

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Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

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