The Conservancy

The Conservancy was founded by a group of dedicated citizens interested in developing a new urban park for San Antonio and the surrounding community. In May 2006, the Friends of Voelcker Park was established to organize individuals interested in the city's purchase of the Voelcker property to form a city park. Now the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy, this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supports all aspects of the park, from planning activities to fundraising.

Board and Staff

Executive Committee

  • Phil Hardberger, President
  • Chuck Saxer, Vice President
  • Will Kothmann, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Bonnie Conner, President Emeritus
  • Michael Bernard
  • Francisco Cigarroa, M.D.
  • Brad Hawryluk
  • Cindy L. Jorgensen
  • Margaret Kanyusik
  • John Linkhart
  • Howard Peak "Emeritus"
  • Epitacio Resendez
  • Diane Dalton Warren
  • Larry Zinn

Conservancy Staff

Denise Gross, Executive Director

Joan Bryant, Associate Director

1021 Voelcker Lane, #4
San Antonio, Texas 78248
(210) 492-7472

Phil Hardberger

“Parks and green space are important to our physical and emotional health. But more important than that, parks have a great democratizing effect on a city. They are places where no matter who you are or where you live, you can gather to enjoy a place of nature’s beauty.” – Mayor Phil Hardberger.

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To advocate renewal, recreation, and learning through nature in an urban setting for all in accordance with the Master Plan for Phil Hardberger Park.


The Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy is a community-based organization of committed individuals whose concern is for excellence in the development of the park. The Conservancy is committed to creating a 311-acre natural area park for the use of our community, complete with a nature center, dog parks, play areas and walking, hiking and biking trails.

Value Statements

  • The PHPC will ensure all park development will be in accordance with the Master Plan and that all PHPC efforts will have a positive impact on the park.
  • The PHPC will advocate for and enhance an accessible and sustainable natural landscape for generations.
  • Through collaboration, the PHPC will seek to educate the public about the value and importance of our natural environment.

Become a Member

Become a member and help us improve our park today and in the future. We need your support.

Visit the Park

Phil Hardberger Park West
8400 NW Military Hwy., 78231

Phil Hardberger Park East
13203 Blanco Road, 78216


Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

Open 7:30 a.m. to Sunset,
7 days a week

PHP Conservancy
(210) 492-7472

Special Events
(210) 207-3053