Park Places

Take a stroll through the park and visit all of its many places. 

Bird Water Feature

A rock structure with recycling water gently flowing across several levels. A palisade-style viewing blind lets you observe the birds without disturbing them.

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Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center

The Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center, the city's first public nature center, contributes to a wealth of knowledge about our environment and the interaction of plants, animals and humans with each other in urban settings.  PHP West

Dog Parks

The tree-lined, award-winning dog parks are among the most popluar attractions at Hardberger Park.  The enclosed parks are divided so that small dogs and large dogs can run off-leash in their own areas. PHP East & PHP West


Kids aged two to 12 get active in the playgrounds in both sides of the park.  The playscapes have a variety of equipment that encourage the development of motor skills while kids play, as well as rubberized ground cover for safety.  Picnic areas and parking are nearby.  PHP East & PHP West

Heritage Homestead

The Heritage Homestead site includes the 1920's main house, the original 1800's stone house, the restored dairy barn, a detached garage, a cistern and windmill. PHP East

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Become a member and help us improve our park today and in the future. We need your support.


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