Design Strategies

The landscape framework for the Master Plan is structured upon layers of one set of enhanced site characteristics superimposed with another set of park elements and systems.

Each layer contains its own unique physical forms that reflect the established design themes and objectives while also adding up to a simple yet complex park proposal. By exploring each aspect of the site and its potential individually, on-going site analysis can continue to take advantage of the design team’s consultants and other local expertise with a focus on inventive and sustainable systems. A study of the separate layers of park elements and systems allows in-depth investigations maximizing the design function and expression through carefully crafting the landscape.

Beginning with the underlying layer of the site context, design propositions include primary park entrances in conjunction with other limited entry points, critical bus stops for city-wide access and buffers at neighborhood edges. The following more detailed layers of the design strategies outline the design team’s proposal to optimize the characteristics of site specific geology and hydrology, to celebrate the agricultural history of the Voelcker farm and to diversify the native south Texas landscape.

The second set of design strategies begins with the preserved and restored vegetation and wildlife habitat as a landscape mosaic where outdoor rooms are carved out in various ways to give form to the overall concept of the Park as a ‘cultivated wild.’ Meandering trail loops are associated with distinct areas of the site connected by direct routes that lead to particular park destinations. Finally field stations punctuate the Park as points of both monitoring and education in this landscape of learning. Compiling all the layers creates the structure for the Master Plan presented in the next chapter, a design proposal setting forth the design team’s vision for the Park.

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