Sustainable principles optimistically aspire to fulfill the interdependence and continuous integrity of ecology, economy and equity.

With a goal of providing a park that adopts and promotes these ideals, sustainable practices govern choices for the ecological systems, the economic use and contribution to natural resources, and equal access to the benefits of the Park. In every aspect and each element of the Park, sustainable practices will be made legible to foster environmental stewardship. At the scale of the City, sustainable principles will be demonstrated to provide a model for how San Antonio can build wisely and fairly for the next century.

Environmentally sustainable technologies will be employed in various forms throughout the Park to both function and demonstrate the sustainable practices such as water reuse and energy generation. The Park and City can create resourceful loops of material reuse minimizing waste and promoting an economy of means for all parks and the City at large. Social sustainability is fulfilled through equal access to all by providing various spaces and events that bring people of diverse backgrounds together and allowing for all modes of transportation and entry to the Park including bus stops, parking lots, and bikeway connections.

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