Safety and Security

The Master Plan establishes a system of major Loop Trails and Site Lines that connects all the program areas and provides multiple means of access throughout the Park.

Together these trails serve as the primary routes for park safety patrol. As the plan is developed, secondary trails will further increase patrol coverage and safety. Additionally the plan identifies emergency routes and access for fire and emergency vehicles. To adequately cover such a large park, multiple access points are planned. The main entrances on Northwest Military Highway and Blanco Road will provide primary emergency access into the Park. On Wurzbach Parkway secure emergency entrances are proposed at the intersection with the Salado Creek Greenway, at the midpoint of the parkway and at the northeast corner of the west parcel. The Master Plan also identifies potential gated emergency entrances at the end of Larkspur Drive and at the gate to the Heritage Homestead from within the Summerfield neighborhood. As stated earlier, the pedestrian and emergency entrances will only be implemented if parking, safety and security concerns have been addressed to the satisfaction of the adjacent neighborhoods and approval by the City.

The Master Plan acknowledges the neighborhood concerns regarding park safety and security and encourages further studies to address the concerns. The Parks and Recreation Department will continue to coordinate with appropriate City departments in the further development of management, security and safety plans for the Park.

Emergency access at Larkspur Drive will be determined by further studies in coordination with City departments and community stakeholders.

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