Park Edges

Phil Hardberger Park is nestled among established neighborhoods of San Antonio, necessitating special attention to the Park’s edges in regard to both connections and protection.

Respecting the privacy of adjacent homeowners, recreation and program uses are located away from Park edges and a 100-foot minimum vegetated area serves as a separation between the residential areas and the Park. Within this zone, the only allowable uses are security and emergency access trails along the edges shared with adjacent neighborhoods. The security trail is set 50’ from the property line and is an unpaved clear zone maintained at 14’ wide for fire truck access.

At the Heritage Homestead, the Master Plan proposes a 25’ wide evergreen tree buffer to improve neighborhood privacy and help define the cluster of buildings and working landscape as a special precinct. This woodland area is thickened further by the location of a park tree nursery that will add depth and additional tree screening. It is expected that vegetation along the edges will increase and thicken over time due to the relocation of grazing cattle. Habitat management and planting activities within these edges will aid in increasing biodiversity of the Park and support the health of the plant communities along the neighborhoods. Special planting events may be planned for Arbor Day in coordination with local schools and environmental groups.

Larkspur Road, which ends at the Park, provides an opportunity for a convenient neighborhood pedestrian entrance away from the busy traffic of the main Park entrances on Northwest Military Highway and Blanco Road. The Larkspur entrance will also serve as fire and emergency access into the Park. The Master Plan recognizes the concerns of the neighborhoods regarding the potential for parking and safety problems. The entrance will be implemented only if parking, safety and security concerns have been addressed to the satisfaction of the adjacent neighborhoods.

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