Outdoor Rooms

Programmed areas embedded within landscape patches comprise one quarter of the Park, situating recreation in proximity to restored habitats.

  • North Field
- Parking, picnic and play
  • Urban Ecology Center- 
Parking, picnic and play
  • South Field
- Parking, picnic and play
  • Cypress Grove- 
In rare wet area
  • Underpasses to Wet Meadow
- For wildlife and drainage
  • Salado Creek Classroom and Trailhead
- Parking, picnic and play
  • Acequias- Sustainable stormwater management
  • Salado Creek Overlook
  • Heritage Homestead
- Restoration of historic Voelcker Farm
  • Land Bridge- 
Overpass for wildlife and people
  • Oak Knoll Rooms- 
Framed pocket grasslands

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