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Today, Hardberger Park is only partially completed. With the help of our community and our design team led by Stephen Stimson Associates, the future of the park with be complete with a nature center, dog parks, play areas and walking, hiking and biking trails. 

Welcome to Phil Hardberger Park

The best place in the heart of San Antonio to see and feel the wild.

This 330-acre former dairy farm is one of the few remaining undeveloped parcels in San Antonio, an oasis surrounded by subdivisions, freeways and shopping centers. It is a stunning landscape, with some of its trees having stood here since the Battle of the Alamo.

With extensive community input, a design team led by Stephen Stimson Associates developed an award-winning master plan for the park that is today only partially completed. Future phases will make more of this majestic property accessible to the public and add features such as a bridge to connect both sides of the park.

Hardberger Park helps distinguish San Antonio as one of the great livable cities of North America, one that values open space and invests in the preservation of our landscape and heritage.

Former Mayor Phil Hardberger
President, Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

Design Principles

The guiding principles for the design of Phil Hardberger Park as a cultivated wild are like a Texas two-step.

The natural history of the region inspires the respectful preservation of the centuries-old oaks that once dotted a nearly extinct ecosystem of sweeping grasslands. The first and foremost principle of the Master Plan is devoted to reclaiming a native landscape that personifies a genuine and wild Texas territory; first design step reintroduces the oak savanna while also ambitiously restoring the woodlands and brushland.

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Phil Hardberger Park West
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Phil Hardberger Park East
13203 Blanco Road, 78216


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