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From the names of blooms along our trails to news of the most recent bird-sightings, find updates on life at the park here.

Bug Blog

Bug Blog

Molly Keck, Texas AgriLife's board certified entomologist, gives us a glimpse into the wonderful world of South Texas insects!

Your 2013 Resolution: Park it Daily

Getting back into the groove of everyday life (and your pants) can get a little tough after the holidays. Phil Hardberger Park’s trails offer an easy, free alternative to joining a gym.

Have Fun (and be careful!)

Have Fun (and be careful!)

In south Texas most of us take advantage of the longer mornings and evenings for our outdoor activities. When you are out there, there are a few critters that should be avoided.

Native Plants Go the Extra Yard

Native Plants Go the Extra Yard

While there is a positive movement towards the use of adapted and low-water use plants in our San Antonio landscapes, there are even more benefits to planting natives.

Rare Orchid Found in PHP

Rare Orchid Found in PHP

The month of May brought about a rare and wonderful sight at Hardberger Park--a terrestrial orchid, the crested coralroot (Hexalectris spicata).

Walk Through Time on the Geology Trail

Walking around Phil Hardberger Park and the Geology Trail located within it, an interesting juxtaposition of geologic time can be noticed. Read more about it here!

Fall Blooms at Phil Hardberger Park

This fall has brought a steady wave of beautiful butterflies to Hardberger Park. Everything from the brilliant zebra heliconian to the ubiquitous common mestra and the ever faithful monarch can be seen at the park.

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