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Thank you, NuStar, the Heroes of Hardberger Park

Thank you, NuStar, the Heroes of Hardberger Park

They began in February, a small dedicated team of NuStar employees with a passion for Phil Hardberger Park and a desire to help.

Since then, with nine projects and over 11,400 volunteer hours under their belt, this team has become the Heroes of Hardberger Park! From large projects to small tasks, they have been there for Hardberger Park. Here’s a month-by-month summary:

  • February: NuStar Super Stars planted over 350 blooming shrubs and plants at the entrance on Blanco Rd.
  • March: NuStar Super Stars planted 40 oak trees in three different areas of the Blanco side of the park.
  • April: NuStar Super Stars mulched an area on the NW Military side in preparation for the upcoming grand opening of that side of the park.
  • May: two volunteer projects: one team installed two cedar post fences on the NW Military side while another team assisted at our grand opening event, manning tables and giving information to park visitors.
  • June: The Super Stars were sure that I was trying to give them a trial by fire when we walked a mile down the trail to a large (invasive) patch of Johnson grass. Even in the morning June was hot and pulling weeds for three hours was no one’s idea of fun. Luckily there was ice cream at the end of this one.
  • A well deserved break was scheduled for July and August. (Whew)!
  • September: the largest project to date with the two NuStar teams getting together for a 1500’ cedar post & wire fence along Voelcker Lane. Check it out – it looks great!
  • October: NuStar Super Stars mulched around trees and removed invasive plants from the NW Military side of Hardberger Park.
  • November: Finally a truly fun, hands-on project: we all rolled up our sleeves and made wet, sticky mud-balls that we rolled in native grass and wildflower seeds to create seed-balls. After the 1,200 seed-balls basked in the warm sun for awhile, we tossed them into a barren area next to the basketball court. Lastly, we covered the area with biodegradable erosion control matting to keep the seed-balls in place until they awaken in early spring.

Please look for all these projects as you stroll (or jog) through the park and know that our mighty NuStar Super Stars are the reason this park shines so brightly. Special thanks to the core NuStar team that never fails to give 110% - Shuh, Tappan, David and Shannon, my Hardberger Heroes.

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